The game of Roulette concerns itself with a spinning wheel with numbers marked on it. You will notice that there are markings that range from 1 to 36. You will also see the numbers 0 and 00 on the Roulette wheel. In this game, you will have to pick numbers and colors, and then the dealer will roll the ball into the spinning wheel. 

You will win in this type of casino bet if the ball lands on what you have selected. The house edge varies on the type of bet you choose. However, Roulette is a classic casino game. And if you haven’t paid Roulette, you have not truly quite gotten the wholesome experience of online casino. 

Step by Step Guide to Roulette

The roulette game
  • Choose an online casino carefully that has the Roulette casino
  • Choose a number you want to bet on
  • The dealer spins the ball into the wheel
  • After the Roulette wheel stops spinning, the ball stops on a pocket
  • If it is your chosen number or color, you win. 

Rules for Playing Roulettes

There are certain gambling rules in every game, and Roulette is no expectation. The general rules and guidelines for playing roulette are: 

  • The number in the pockets of the roulette wheel alters between red and black
  • The American roulette wheel consists of two green pockets of 0 and 00
  • European roulette casino wheel has just one green pocket with 0 on it. 
  • A player can bet on one number or a group of number
  • To play Roulette, you will have to place casino chips on the boxes corresponding to the number on the wheels
  • After the dealer has placed the ball into the wheel, he calls ” no more bets”. 
  • After the wheel has stopped spinning, the dealer places a dolly on the box corresponding to the number that has won
  • No person is permitted to take back their chips after they have already placed the bets

Types of Roulette Betting and Odds

play online casino roulette

Apart from choosing the numbers, you have other types of bets in Roulette as well. Let’s take a look at what the bets are:

  1. Odd or Even: You will have to guess whether the ball will land on odd numbers or even numbers. This type of bet has equal odds. 
  2. Color: You will have to bet on which color the ball will land on. The odds of winning n this type of bets are around 48%. 
  3. Half and Half Bet: In this type of bet, you will have to take a shot at the fact whether the ball will land on 1 to 18 or any number between 19 to 36. 
  4. Straight bet: This means that you wager on a single number. While the chances of winning are low, but you can win big in this type of bet. 
  5. Corner bet: You bet on four numbers in this type of roulette casino online bet. The odds are about 11% in your favor. 
  6. Street Bet: Here, you bet on a row of three consecutive numbers. The chances of winning in this type of casino bet are about 9%. 
Betting On
The Line Bet6 nos
The Corner Bet4 nos
The Street Bet3 nos initiating with the left column no.
The Split Bet2 nos