If playing cards is a thing that gets you hooked, then you can have immense fun at PartyPoker site. It is the largest poker room in the world that draws millions of visitors annually. If you are an Indian and are interested in gambling, you would know that betting is not a legal thing in this country. However, things are very different from online cards game. As the Indian legislation says nothing about online betting, hence you can immerse yourself in some fun. 

In this post about PartyPoker India, we are about to get into some FAQ and answer them to the best of our ability. 

Questions about PartyPoker India

How old should an Indian be for participating at poker betting at PartyPoker? 

You will have to be at least 18 years old to be legally operating any betting site. This statement is true for gambling operations at PartyPoker as well. If you are minor, it is illegal for you to bet. 

What are some of the best poker playing strategies? 

Poker is a game of both luck and mind. If you are out of luck, you might have a chance to salvage yourself. But, if you do not employ your brains, nothing can save you from going bankrupt. 

Here are some of the best strategies that you can employ. 

  • Play fewer hands
  • Don’t be the first to chicken out
  • If you are unsure, just fold
  • Manage your bankroll well
  • bluff aggressively
  • Leverage on your opponent’s weakness
  • Build up the pot to make more money
PartyPoker a good site

Can I trust poker sites? 

Yes, you can completely trust poker sites with your money. However, there are two safety tips to follow first: 

  • Check whether the site is registered
  • Safe payment gateway. 

PartyPoker fulfills both the conditions and hence is one of the safest poker sites to trust with your money. 

Can I download PartyPoker on my phone? 

Yes, PartyPoker is available for downloads n phones and tablets. You can download the PartyPoker app on your android and iOS devices easily. Also, it has incredibly easy to operate UI that makes it a breeze to play poker games. 

PartyPoker to my phone

Is PartyPoker a good card game site? 

PartyPoker is one of the best card game sites in India. It offers amazing bonuses and promotions. Apart from that, there is a wide range of card games available for you to play. In fact, if you are from India, you cannot do better than this online poker site. 

Is winning from an online poker game taxable in India? 

The Indian constitution decrees that any earning from the lottery, online betting, and gambling should be taxed at 30%. This means, if you win $1,000, you get only $700. 

Which is the best poker site to use in India? 

If you are a bettor from India, then PartyPoker is the best site that you can turn to for online card games. It has amazing promotions and bonuses. However, your choice might vary. No matter which online poker site you settle for, make sure it is as safe as PartyPoker.