While playing GGPoker online, you may feel lazy but even then can’t go to any gym due to lack of time. So for this situation, we have brought four very easy exercises which you can do even in your hotel or house room very easily.


Push-ups help the poker

It is one of the very easy exercises which the poker players can do very easily to keep themselves fit even while being busy in playing poker. There is no need for anyone to tell you how to do this exercise, yet there are some tips for you. Do this exercise on the flat surface of your room with both palms on the ground and the gap between them should be a little bit more than the width of the shoulder. The exercise actually can boost your mood also while getting a small gap between the game and doing this exercise without going to any gym and without the help of any special trainer.

Bodyweight Squat

Bodyweight Squat help the poker

This is also one of the very effective exercises to keep you healthy and fit while playing the game of poker. You can do it anywhere and can start it even in the middle of the game when it stops for a while. In this exercise, you just need to stand first, then make the position of your body like sitting on a chair. Then lower your hip and keep both hands forward parallel to each other and at a 90-degree angle to the height of the body. In this situation, try to keep your body weight on your hip also.


Plank help the poker

Plank is also one of the fitness exercises which you can do without going into any gym and in the hotel room or the room of your house very easily. This exercise is the best replacement for the crunches.  The basic position of this exercise is very similar to the position of push up. The main difference between these two is that in push-ups you keep your body weight on your palm while in planks, you keep it on your forearms. Then after you have to align your whole body length in a straight line from shoulder to heels with the help of your hips moving up or down as per the need. Keep this position as long as you can while thinking about how to win the next poker game.

Jumping  Jack

Jumping Jack help the poker

The jumping jack exercise could be the easiest one to start before any other exercise. For this exercise, you don’t need any special thing or training. Just you have to stand straight first and keep your both legs apart from each other and both the hands also. Then in the next step, you have to jump and come back to the surface again while touching both hands each other or with the side thigh and both legs together. Then do the first step again and jump and then do the second again. Keep doing this exercise with a fresh mind while thinking about how to win the game of poker.