Players sometimes do very strange activities which not just make them go through some bad situations but at the same time, they also create problems for others. The same thing happened to a poker player, who was charged for all his activities also. Let us know these all events in some more detail.

Player or mental 

Ken Strauss is a poker player

Ken Strauss is a poker player who used to play poker a lot up to last year before the event in which he was arrested for doing some nonsense act at the Las Vegas Casino. In the year 2019, Ken Strauss dropped off his pants and threw his shoes away on others. For doing so, he chose a cramped table in the Casino of Las Vegas. For this activity, he was banned from the casino. The same act he repeated at Luxor once again while exposing him to the public in the same old manner by dropping off the pants and throwing his shoes. This time he was arrested by the police.

Police custody

Misdemeanor poker

He was kept in custody for several months before his final release. During his release, he was warned for not committing the same offence or anything like this. During these custody days, he was also checked up by the doctors and given much mental and psychiatric treatment as per his condition. Due to this all, he was also kicked out from the $10,000 buy-in event. It all made him quite unhappy and due to which, he did the same offence again which made the police to arrest him finally.

Release on probation

After spending some months in custody, he was released. While releasing him he was given a warning to not do the same thing again.

Giving threats through a tweet

After his initial release, he started doing some bad things again. This time he chose the online medium to threaten the public. After his release, he posted several tweets on twitter which were to threat casinos and also the public. In his tweet, he said that all the casinos which banned him will have to suffer a lot. He also tweeted regarding some shooting action He mentioned some places and wrote at some particular time shooting would be there which would be very fatal for all. He also tagged US President Donald Trump in these types of tweets. 

Just after his tweets, police took action and took him in custody again. This time while he was arrested, he was repeating the phrase “kill them all”. After arrest, he was again going through some mental treatment in custody. After being fine enough, he realised that he really made some unacceptable offence and he was very guilty for that. Due to this, the police said to release him once again. This time the police gave him a 2 years probation period. If he could stay normal for these two years, he would be free forever and if he could not do so, he would be arrested again.