This was established in 2014, is the site and is a very promising trend-setting online venture of the Baazi Games it is also a disruptive entity in India’s nascent online gaming industry. This latter feature has a proven track record of providing very excellent online gaming experience over the past several years, and it also offers its services through online fantasy leagues and other popular sports ventures. respects and projects Poker as a very good skill-based game, and it also serves its popular online variants in the same regard as Poker. Poker as a game also endows its players with various commendable skills like a sharp insight into human psychology, reverse psychology, decision making, and a lot of risk and money management.

It also helps you to look into a situation from the opponent’s perspective thus giving you an option to think from every side, it also takes real-time crucial decisions and you will also learn to keep your emotions at bay when you are in this game and also in real life. 

Poker Variants

PokerBaazi game

The best of Poker variants for anybody goes without saying the popular quote “Variety is the spice of life”. As PokerBaazi being the lead online poker website in India for several years now offers you two of the most popular poker variants, they are Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em Poker to all of its players, members and customers.

Gaming Experience

The gaming experience on this site is very smooth. They are proud of the fact that they have a mile-long list of players and visitors who visit them on a regular basis because of their seamless and impartial online experience. No matter what time of the day players choose they can visit them without any issues.

Promotional Offers

PokerBaazi bonus

They provide you with various promotional offers that run on a regular, daily, and weekly basis. This helps the site in offering interesting challenges, thereby motivating the existing players along with attracting and engaging new site visitors and poker players from India.

Secure and Reliable

They are famous for their safe and secure site. They have put in different safe, secure, and ultra-fast payment gateways to pick from for the customers and also offer hassle-free transactions every single time you make a payment or returns from the site.


PokerBaazi software

They provide certified software. You can trust them with your personal and financial identity. They provide a vast range of security features to protect your personal information and other data from hackers and frauds. They are also famous for their internationally certified gaming software that provides you with the best possible experience while you use the site.

Customer Support

They provide round the clock customer support. It does not matter what the time or place maybe, they will always be ready to take any issues. You can feel free to contact the customer care for any queries, any kind of assistance that you might need during the game, before the game or after it.